Accurate, timely, and continuous diagnostic data. All in a wearable.

Founded in 2017, Nutromics has always had a simple purpose: to put an end to preventable deaths.

Nutromics co-founders Peter Vranes and Hitesh Mehta have both experienced the limitations of a reactive healthcare system. This sparked a desire to tackle the herculean task of revolutionizing healthcare – a purpose which drives us every day.

What if there was a better way?

What if clinicians and patients could access continuous diagnostic data from anywhere and at any time and make critical healthcare decisions proactively?

This bold vision of putting an end to preventable deaths by providing access to personalised and timely molecular insights led to the birth of Nutromics.

The ABCD of Nutromics


We hold true to who we are and build trust through honest and clear communication


We matter! We build inclusive, quality connections and foster collaboration


A growth mindest is part of our DNA and we learn from every interaction


We embrace opportunities and strive to deliver on our vision of saving lives

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