We exist to save millions of lives through continuous diagnostic monitoring.

Clinicians today are hampered by insufficient and delayed lab diagnostics.

Typically, a clinician orders a test for a patient, a blood draw is taken, the sample is then sent to the lab where it’s processed, and finally, the clinician receives a single data point of where the patient was hours ago.

70% of all clinical decisions are made using this process1.

This standard of care is not equipped to provide trend information, which is critical in the ICU for fast-moving disease states.

The result is poor patient outcomes and billions in additional healthcare costs running a highly inefficient system.

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2022

A breakthrough technology combining multiple DNA sensors with microneedles.

Our diagnostic platform does everything a blood test does and more: it is a lab-on-a-patch

Instead of a single data point hours later, our patch will track multiple, crucial targets continuously and in real-time, giving clinicians critical, personalized insights.

Our vision for saving lives drew us to our first indication: vancomycin

This drug is very commonly used in hospitals to treat infections; however, it is very difficult to dose given it has a narrow therapeutic window and is highly toxic.

1 in 5 patients admitted into hospitals in the U.S. are dosed with vancomycin.1

Up to 43% of adults develop vancomycin induced AKI.2

Mortality rate of up to 33% of adults with vancomycin induced AKI.3

Nutromics’ patch will revolutionize clinicians ability to keep patients in the therapeutic range, improving efficacy and minimizing toxic overdoses.

1. Gaggl et al., 2020; Goodman et al., 2021

2. Van Hal et al., 2013

3. Jeffres, 2017

Published and peer-reviewed scientific papers proving that Nutromics’ patch can monitor a dozen crucial drugs, proteins, and metabolites on-body.

and more under development...

We're needed in the healthcare system right now

"Continuous monitoring has been missing from the diagnostics space in the last 50 years, but is critical to improving patient management by clinicians."

Dr Agim Beshiri
Chief Medical Officer – Nutromics

"Currently, clinicians need multiple blood tests to determine drug doses resulting in significant delays. Fast, personalized dosing is not really possible. "

Dr Rinaldo Bellomo
Director of Intensive Care Research, Austin Hospital